Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tramp Steamer...Take 2

After some discussion with TMP'ers I decided that I needed to go back and put a few more touches on this boat. I added a cargo boom and some rust/weathering effects. I found a really good site(lost the link) that had tons of pictures of old cruise ships and steamers that had been beached in India for scrap. I tried to duplicate some of the appearance of rust and weathering that I saw in the pictures on that site. I think it gives the boat a lot more character and am pretty happy with it now. The final effect makes it look like it's been through the ringer a couple times, but I like it. The before shot.

After weathering and additions.


  1. Nice touches. I can't wait to be in the same game as your ship. :-)

  2. HA! Thanks Ben! Looking forward to gaming again with you too...and your various terrain pieces :o)
    If you ever get anywhere with those Pulp era cars, pick some up for me. I still haven't found a decent source for those.

  3. Looks good my Brother! I like the TMP idea of some coiled ropes or chains for deck clutter.


  4. I really like this. It is the sort of inspiration and energy in a boat that makes me wargame. Has it seen any action yet? It would be great to hear about a game played around and on it.