Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hail Mary .....of the LIVING DEAD!!!!

So I somehow managed to knock out another 60-something zombies before this baby arrives, nothing fancy here, I didn't even texture the bases. I figured I was throwing a real hail mary even trying to start these guys. Did a real production line technique on them to just get them done. I have only 29 zombies left in the zombicide figure pile to finish and they are the toxic Zombies from the mall expansion....oh and I have all the dog companions and zombie dogs to paint up too. 
I'm really struggling with whether or not to back Zombicide season 3 yet. I'm just not impressed with anything that's being added. All the characters are already kind of "samey" and the stretch goals and exclusives are all pretty "meh". We'll see, I still have time to worry about crap like little toy zombies since I'm not a dad yet. 

 I tried painting up this guy to look like the "Thanks for the ride lady!" guy from Creepshow 2. I'm totally into this stuff. 

 I painted up a bunch of this batch in a "grayscale" to try and make them look like they stepped out of Night of the Living Dead. I like the way they turned out and it made the assembly line technique go faster. 

Well that's it folks, I may or may not attempt to start that last batch of zombies but once the baby comes I'm guessing that I won't be updating the blog again for another 18 years or so. Goodbye and Godspeed! 

More Rasslin'

I made up some more custom wrestlers for the wrestling game I'm sporadically working on. I use the Jakks Micro Aggression figures and some two part sculpting epoxy to make these guys. 
 Alternate Elmer Costume, Geekend Mongo, and my Brother in Law Daniel (the current reigning Brothers Division's a really real thing) 
 White Chocolate Todd Bookman and Cobra Kai Doctor Merkury
 Some generic guys, Barbarian, Santos, Tigermask
 Cthulhu Guy and Old School Undertaker (he broke my heart at this last Wrestlemania, with heartbreaking)