Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Ooooooh, look at all your little different colored loincloths!"

Here is the second group of gladiators I painted up in 54mm for the Iron Ivan release of Victus

I made this statue in honor of the fallen hero of the arena "Professorcus Steinerilius". I don't even know if they had statues like this in the middle of  fighting pits, but I have all these plaster pillars and non-dynamically posed glads left over. History Shmistory. 

Fight of the Little People!!! I can't even express how stoked I was to find midget gladiators in my the Pegasus gladiator box. Perhaps the greatest moment of my gaming career.  

So that's about it. I have a couple of female gladiators from the Pegasus set, but I'm not in love with the sculpts and I sort of don't see myself getting the motivation to finish them. I also have a casualty fig and a couple more that may be suited for statues, but otherwise I think I have a pretty solid stable of glads for gaming Victus. 
I don't know when this will be up on their site, but I can't wait.