Friday, March 22, 2013

2 Nights in Zpocalypse

My copy of Zpocalypse showed up the other week from the Kickstarter. I got through the rules and wanted to try a solo run. The rules are bit dense, but I thought they were laid out pretty well. I played through a couple of nights to get the sequence of things down. The first thing you do is "Scavenge" and on the first day I found a priest in a graveyard doing kung fu on zombies ala "Dead Alive". Beautiful. 
 The priest ended up being a hipster Asian dude that enhances your Melee Combat roles...STEREOTYPES!!! I fed him and he joined my squad. 

 My squad went to the kitchen of the diner to search for food and ended up getting ambushed by zombies. Zombies!??! Wait, there are zombies in this game!?!?!

 I was able to dispatch them pretty easily, thanks to Asian Hipster.   

We Take out the last couple double Zombies at this choke point
And that's how you clear out the first night.

This was my "Something's Happening" card. Basically more nukes went off and at the end of combat I had to clear the  board and go find another bunker. 
My new bunker is the hotel.....I already miss the diner. 
My squad got a little bigger during the Scavenge step of Day 2 
Managed to clear out day two without losing anyone. The difficulty ramps up on night 3 and 4. which I'll be giving a go soon. This is a cool game. I really like the survival and tower defense elements that are stacked on the traditional zombie smashing elements. I'm looking forward to firing this up with some friends, but the dry run on my own really helped me get down the sequences and mechanics a bit. Good stuff! 

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Friday night the Sporadic Gamers Monthly Team got together for our quarterly game. I was inspired by last session's game of Formula De, but there just wasn't enough aggression for my liking, so I got out the Speed Rally rules I picked up a couple years back. I remember thinking that the rulebook with all it's templates looked kind of intimidating but it really is pretty easy to pick up and really versatile with what it does. We might try starting from last place car to first place car after the first round next time. We think this will keep all the cars in the mix and able to stay competitive. Following the rules in the book my car(Mr. Grimm) got really far out in the lead and nobody ever really got the chance to touch me. If we would take turns in the reverse order someone may have gotten close enough to hit me with something that could spin me out. 
  Early on Uncle Slam and Frankenstein bashed into each other and both failed their rolls Uncle Slam ended up clipping 3 cars in his spinout and there's Frankenstein over there in the grass. 

 The Black Widow spins out on the first turn. 

That's me heading for the jump 

I made the jump, but the Giggler was on my tail the whole time.  

Elmer uses Hellfire to lay down oil slicks all over the path leading up to the jump. DIABOLICAL!!!  

Uncle Slam spins out yet again, Ben did an amazing job RolePlaying the Uncle Slam car. He bashed and rammed at every chance he got, unfortunately he spun out a lot too.  

There's Mongo doing what Mongo does best....looking goooood....and yes that's a Johnsonville Brat I had surgically implanted on the back of my skull. 

Frankenstein spun out right on the edge of the jump leaving him wide open...

For uncle Slam to bash him right off the edge nearly destroying him. 

 With The Giggler on my tail, I spun out at one of the final turns allowing him to take the lead and ultimately win the race. 

 Uncle Slam spins out just before crossing the finish line and plunges to a horrible patriotic death. The squeal of his brakes as he careened over the side showing that he never let go of his freedom of screech. 

 Inferno Tries to Mount Mr. Grim during the victory lap. 

I would love to play this again soon. It really satisfied the gaming itch that I got from watching the Death Race movies. I wish we had more time to devote to it. It would be great to run a season and build up cars and characters. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Death Race 2013!!!!

So I've been watching the new Death Race movies on Netflix lately and I really like them. They're not Shakespeare, but then I never really cared for Shakespeare. They are just really fun action movies and a lot of stuff blows up, so you know.....that's pretty sweet. Anywho, my renewed interest in cars that go boom made me dig out the Speed Rally rules that I bought a few years back. They look like a lot of fun so I raided my bits box and modded up a bunch of matchbox and hot wheels cars. You may recognize a lot of warhammer bits and decals and I have to say it's probably the most rewarding thing I've gotten out of Games Workshop in about 15 years ;o)
Meat Wagon and The Bone Jangler

Black Widow and Hellfire

The Jackal and The Giggler

Frankenstein (1970's) and Frankenstein (modern), neither of these are really accurate replicas of the Frankenstein cars, but more of a spiritual homage. 

Iron Jaw and Red Bolt 

Azure Phantom and The Jade Hydra

Uncle Slam

These are two older models from my 15mm zombie days that are gonna be brought back into service. We'll call them Doom Buggy and Zombie Stomper