Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Do you Get a Wookie for Christmas When He's Already Got a Comb?

Last night we got some use out of my new Studio Bergstrom fighters. We're using a homebrew system. My goal was to accentuate fighter squad combat and dogfighting. The capital ships are very abstracted to act as gun platforms and objective points. They fight but they're very slow and not the focus of the game. It was a pretty fun playtest and I think we worked out some kinks that will give us a pretty fun light starfighter game. Some highlights: Is there anything more beautiful than a table full of dice and little toy spaceships?
Some TIE Interceptors tailing a group of Y-Wings

The Falcon

A lone TIE Fighter in a heap of trouble.

Rogue Group tailing Vader's wing

A really good pocket of dogfighting going down

The Imperial shuttles needing to dock with the Executor

Thursday, October 7, 2010

STAR WARS, Nothing but Staaaaaar Waaaaaars...

So, I got the Zombie book all wrapped up on my end and I've been geeking out hard on Star Wars lately. This is one of those projects I've wanted to do ever since I saw the Studio Bergstrom miniatures site. Plus they are such great likenesses of the ships that I fear an iminent stormtrooper attack on the guy selling them so I pulled the trigger and bought a couple fleets worth. I've tried rounding them out with some of the WOTC starship battles ships and various other toys. The imperial fleet is looking slim as there aren't a lot of affordable nice sized Star Destroyers out there. Vader and his advanced prototype wing

TIE Interceptors

TIE Fighters

Imperial Shuttles

Rebel Fleet

Imperial Fleet

TIE Bombers

An "okay" Death Star

The Falcon and Rogue Group

Red Squadron


B-Wings, still can't figure out why they're called that.