Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vacation gaming 2013!

We just returned from our annual trip to Myrtle Beach. Which means I get to play a bunch of board games with my brother Dan. Not pictured are the rounds we played of Dungeon Roll and Grave Robbers from Outer Space at the hotel we spend a night in on the way down. Fun light games good for an evening after spending all day in the van.  
The first game we played at the beach house was RUNEWARS (Not pictured) I can't believe I didn't take pics of this one. Great game. I really have to pull this one out again for a game night. It has a really epic fantasy theme. Good stuff. 
Second game at the beach house was RISK 2210. I love most incarnations of RISK. I know a lot of people scoff at the game, but it's simple and fun and the different variations always add some fun flavor. 
 It was a good time, especially because I wiped the floor with Dan. 

 I brought down the rules for War of the Ring and Dan read them. It took him the whole day, but by about 11pm we started playing. The rulebook for this one is a brute. Dan did a really good job of explaining the game despite how involved it is. 
 We got about 3 turns in and I honestly felt like I was starting to get the rhythm of how the game was supposed to work. Then out of nowhere Dan stands up and says he didn't think we were playing the game right and he quit. I still don't know what happened there. It was fun while it lasted. 

 Verdict is still out on this game for me. It tries to do a lot of things and I have about 3 other big epic fantasy games in this genre so I don't know if I'll hold onto this one or not. I loved the way Runewars played. 

 Up next was Touch of Evil. The first round we played with one board against the Necromancer. 
The way the zombies work for him sort of broke up our ability to encounter Corner Locations. I think those locations are what make the game so fun by helping to create the narrative. In this one we spent too much time trying to keep zombies out out town. 

 We played a second round of Touch of Evil with all three maps and we squared off against the Ghost ship.  

 This one was a lot more fun. We were able to do a lot more exploring and building up our characters. It was very cool. I'll say it again, Touch of Evil is one of my favorite board games. It's just always a great time and it oozes flavor and theme. It was a perfect game for Halloween week. The Flying Frog guys have never made a game I didn't like. I'm crazy excited about their new Kickstarter project, Shadows of Brimstone. The game and the theme both look awesome. Take a look

 Last game of the week we got in was Ticket to Ride. The girls played this one with us. It's a good zombie pirates though, so kind of lame ;o)

And this is the new Yoda pipe I bought at the comic shop inside Myrtle Beach Mall. It's a pipe so awesome it makes me want to fill my lungs with carcinogens.