Thursday, January 30, 2014

Elmer's TOYS!

My buddy Elmer is starting to get into miniature wargaming in the form of Dust Tactics. It's a Weird War II game with some pretty cool stuff. For Christmas this year I painted up some of the miniatures for him. Sorry for the blurry pictures. The dip is great. I've painted several times more miniatures this month than I painted in all of 2013. 


Friday, January 24, 2014

Beware what lurks in the Mountains of Manfriends!!!

Next thing finished are the villain pieces for the game Mansions of Madness or "Mountains of Manfriends" as it is known to my gaming buddies. I made a tricky call with these guys. The game uses special bases that are functional in the game. You slide in a big cardboard chit that has the creatures stats and special abilities that you can see through little windows on the top and bottom. What's kind of neat is that you draw a random cultist or maniac and they have different stats and abilities from other ones. So the monsters in the same class have some individuality. So anyway, the sculpts are so so, I may use them in other games in a pinch, but I decided to just glue them onto their game bases instead of doing individual bases for them. 
 I realized after about the third cult guy that I had painted them to look like the "Cult of Michael Jackson's THRILLER" 

"Girl, but all the while, you hear a creature creepin' up behind. You're outta time....So Sayeth the KING OF POP!!!"

 "How big is our cult?...
 "...SOOOOO Biiiiiiig" 
 Sexy Witches...Not to be confused with regular witches. 
 Maniacs and zombies...the zombies are awful. 
 And the most dreaded of all the Lovecraftian Mythos...THE SHAMBLING COLON!!! 

 Hounds of Tindalos....they travel through dimensions at unnatural angles....TERRIFYING GEOMETRY!!! 
 Tequila Worm 
 Ya ever hear tell of a Shoggoth??!?!

 Some monkeys I painted...not part of the board game but if a Lovecraftian protagonist were to find out he was descended from them he would probably set himself on fire. 

And the production continues....

So, another round down. And this completes my Flying Frog Figures. Again, I'm really happy with the amount of figures I'm churning out using the dip again. Some of the figures come out a little darker than I like but for the high amount of detail it brings out with minimum work, I can't complain. 

 Last Night on Earth Survivors

 Two Jake the Drifter and Two Sheriffs 
 Invasion From Outer Space Remaining Survivors and Alpha Beast Martian
 The ladies of Touch of Evil. 

 The only Black dude in Touch of Evil. It made me think that it's weird that they haven't made a Native American character for the game. 
 The dreaded brain stealing Mi-Go from Mansions of Madness and the remaining investigators below. 
The cool thing about this project is that it gave me a lot of cool archetypes to add to my collection, Magician, Ringmaster, circus folk, a whole mess of survivors and colonial character, etc. I think a lot of them will come in handy for things other than their intended board games. Good stuff. Up next the villains of Mansions of Madness. 

Friday, January 17, 2014


Over 90 figures in a week. I'm trying to get all the plastic figures from my Flying Frog and my Mansions of Madness board games painted. I have about 40 or so to go, but I got the lion's share of things done. 

 Touch of Evil characters

 Invasion from Outer Space aliens. They want to mate with our women! And mutilate our cattle for some reason! 

 Invasion from Outer Space Characters. 

 Mansions of Madness Investigators
 Last Night on Earth Heroes

 Last Night on Earth Zombies