Monday, March 15, 2010

My latest undertaking...

My newest project is 15mm Lord of the Rings. To accomplish this I am using a big lot of 15mm medieval Teutonic knights I got on TMP. Now I was very happy with the deal I got. 200 or so miniatures for less than $50. Doctor Merkury makes fun of me for buying "Polish Knights" though and keeps asking me if they're riding their horses backwards.......I have the worst friends ever. I don't really know what manufacturer these came from, some of the pieces are really nice and some are kind of "meh". At any rate I will be doing a very "quick and dirty" paint job on these. They are just going to be a kind of generic human fantasy army for me. I plan on laying down some block colors and then doing a "dip" style wash for shading. I may go back over and do some highlights, but we'll see. After this army is finished I will move on to my Eureka 18mm Man-Orcs. I have over 200 of those waiting in the wings....sigh. They are very nice though and I hope to put more work into them than I will the humans. They will be playing the part of the "Fighting Uruk Hai" as opposed to the "Peaceful Resolution Uruk-Hai" or the "We Go Antiquing on Weekends Uruk-Hai"

So I plan on basing these up on 40mm x 40mm squares. I am planning on using Fantasy Rules! by Chipco and there are some other rules coming out this year for mass fantasy battles using the 40x40 basing. I may be doing some 28mm Pulp Figure tramp steamer crew in between painting these for variety. I'll keep updates posted. This is a pretty big project for me and frankly I get distracted easily so I am realistically hoping to get this human fantasy army and the Orc army finished sometime in 2010.....we'll see how that works out for me.