Monday, March 15, 2010

My latest undertaking...

My newest project is 15mm Lord of the Rings. To accomplish this I am using a big lot of 15mm medieval Teutonic knights I got on TMP. Now I was very happy with the deal I got. 200 or so miniatures for less than $50. Doctor Merkury makes fun of me for buying "Polish Knights" though and keeps asking me if they're riding their horses backwards.......I have the worst friends ever. I don't really know what manufacturer these came from, some of the pieces are really nice and some are kind of "meh". At any rate I will be doing a very "quick and dirty" paint job on these. They are just going to be a kind of generic human fantasy army for me. I plan on laying down some block colors and then doing a "dip" style wash for shading. I may go back over and do some highlights, but we'll see. After this army is finished I will move on to my Eureka 18mm Man-Orcs. I have over 200 of those waiting in the wings....sigh. They are very nice though and I hope to put more work into them than I will the humans. They will be playing the part of the "Fighting Uruk Hai" as opposed to the "Peaceful Resolution Uruk-Hai" or the "We Go Antiquing on Weekends Uruk-Hai"

So I plan on basing these up on 40mm x 40mm squares. I am planning on using Fantasy Rules! by Chipco and there are some other rules coming out this year for mass fantasy battles using the 40x40 basing. I may be doing some 28mm Pulp Figure tramp steamer crew in between painting these for variety. I'll keep updates posted. This is a pretty big project for me and frankly I get distracted easily so I am realistically hoping to get this human fantasy army and the Orc army finished sometime in 2010.....we'll see how that works out for me.


  1. I like that Aragorn sacrificed himself for his son in the movie, great story. I wish Del Toro would make a sequel.

    I played the Ancients version of Chipco with the Yorkies many, many moons ago and liked it a lot. The rules are fast moving and not overly complicated from what I remember.


  2. Armati is quite good for large scale Ancients/Medieval/Lord of the Rings low magic massed battles. I did up a series of LoTR and Hyborian Army lists for Armati which are posted on my website if you're interested.

    Good luck getting the Teutonics finished. And the Orcs (I'm seriously tempted by the Orcs - very nice figures!)

  3. I looked at Armati, but I wanted something that was definitely geared for Fantasy. Fantasy Rules is like a big toybox for anything fantasy. Different kinds of magic and creatures. You can do almost anything with it. I'm starting with LOTR but will hopefully end up building other fantasy armies for it and wanted flexibility to make them unique.
    Thanks for the link though I'll keep it handy in case I end up trying Armati. Very nice website by the way! Great painting. Do you have any LOTR pics up? I couln't find any.

  4. Haven't played Chipco Fantasy, though think I've seen a copy of it.

    Thanks for the comments about my website :)

    I bought about $NZ70 dollars worth of Irregular Orcs to finally start my Fantasy army, and then discovered Eureka's Orcs - the latter were so LoTR movies orcs, and so much the look I wanted that I kind-of went off the entire project :( Must get around to selling the Irregular orcs - there must be someone who likes them, I just don't.

    Current interests have swerved off into 15mm Science Fiction and revamping my Traveller campaign.

  5. This looks like a great project! I have always loved LOTR but felt that they didn't do the Uruk-Hai justice with the 28mm models. Here's to good luck. We are all rooting on you. Also the tramp steamer sounds like a nice side project. No need to apologize about ADHD theater as we're all gamers and well that comes with the terroritory. Take me for instance. I am working on a novel (non-game related), writing VSF rules (when the navy walked), writing and editing a pulp ruleset (Pulp Alley), painting my VSF, painting some Pulp, painting... and playtesting the Ambush Valley and Tomorrow's War by AAG. Not to mention podcasting the DND biweekly Saturday game. All this on top of two kids (one more on the way) and a very active church and family life makes me seriously ADHD. Like I said though, good luck and we're looking forward to seeing the 18mm orcs!