Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Ghost That Walks!

So, I must have been extra good this year, 'cause my buddy Doc Merkury got me this aweosme Phantom miniature for Christmas. We got snowed in up here in the U.S. northeast yesterday so in between wrapping my wife's gifts and working on some secret Christmas projects for her I was painting this guy. I was taking inventory of things and I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY 28mm miniature that I actually painted in 2009. I've spent the whole year painting 15mm miniatures. For the record I've painted about 400 15mm guys this year. After working on all those little guys for so long I found this miniature to be an absolute joy to paint. It's like swinging a baseball bat with a metal doughnut on it and then taking it off.... kind of. I've loved the character since I was a kid, and the sculpt is beautiful and I am very happy with how he turned out (I forget who Merkury said makes this figure but it's great).
A little shot of the hinder for the ladies

If this ends up being my last post of the year(very possible) then I just want to wish everyone out there on the Inter-Web a very merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You can't take the sky from me....

So, I finally brokedown and watched all of the show "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity". It came strongly reccomended by my sister in law, Melissa and my good friend Sir John "TurkeyMitts" Hogan. I had bought these minis from GZG awhile back. I knew they were based on the show but had bought them just on the strength of being cool sci-fi minis. Getting through the series inspired me to pick up my brushes.

My "Simon" came out looking like a young Albert Finney with a bad case of "Bitter Beer Face". Oh well, I don't think I'm ever going to get any better at painting and I'm ok with that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mongo Vs. Dr. Merkury....or What I Wore for Halloween

That's Doc Merkury as Doctor Peter Venkman trying to take out Mongo the Gozerian in the form of Stay Puft the Marshmallow Man, little does he know, he needs a second proton stream to cross to have a chance against me. Here's my wife Lisa in her Janine Melnitz costume. She's a cutie

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Modern 15mm Gaming Mat

So I know that this isn't that big a deal or anything, but it's something I've wanted to make for a long while now and finally just got enough of a fire lit under my ass to do it. What you're looking at is a city steet gaming mat for 15mm. I wanted something with city blocks, sidewalks. and street lines basically painted on it so that the mat would have a little more detail than just throwing down a black mat like i do in 28mm. I figure once I make some ruined modern buildings it will look good as a post apocalyptic city or Zombie infested city.
Why has god forsaken us!!!!!!

The escape point

Dr. Merkury has been here, he's diabolical!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Who ya' gonna call???......Emilio Estevez!

For any of you out there that give a d*mn, sorry it's been so long since the last update. I have been working on some commission stuff for some other people and haven't been painting anything of my own. Here's something I finished awhile ago but didn't get to post. It's my little tribute to the finest actor and most dynamic character from the film "Maximum Overdrive"......the Evil Toy Truck

.....And here's a sneak peek at the centerpiece of my Halloween costume. I have to take a few inches off the hat brim because my wife and I are hosting the Halloween party this year and I can't clear the damn ceiling when I have this on. I'm so happy with how this turned out though that I might just sit my marshmallowy ass down the whole night just to keep the thing on ;o)

Monday, August 10, 2009

In the jungle, the mighty Jungle, the supers fight tonight!

I put together a scenario for the guys in our club to try out their new created characters in King of the Hill brawl. The rules were pretty straightforward. The players each had two characters a piece and had to get their characters to the top of the pyramid and stay there for 3 turns. Their final turn up top had to be uncontested. If you suffered knockback that knocked you of the top of the pyramid then you'd have to restart your turn count when you got back to the top. Also to add a little excitement, once the first character set foot on the pyramid this act desecrated this ancient ground causing one rock spire to fall toward the pyramid each turn potentially crushing characters.

Brix and Uber Hitler(formerly known as repentant Hitler) approach the pyramid....somewhere in the distance Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract" can be heard.
A member of the Assassin League(whatever that is) is the first to make it to the top of the pyramid. She can be heard saying "this isn't going to make me a human target is it?". In the distance Star Phantom and TESLA approach and the assassin is........
.... Immediately hurled via alternating current off the top of the temple and to the other side of the table.
Brix and Uber Hitler are crushed hard by a stone spire, failing their Agility roll and taking damage. Somewhere a Paula Abdul record scratches to a halt. Uber Hitler is torn a new Panzer Faust-hole while Brix laughs off the damage like so many foam rocks.
I call this "Portrait of an angry vending machine, not appeased by upskirt"
Battle ensues on the top of the temple while fighting around the base gets vicious, name calling and whining ensue amongst the players.
On top of the pyramid, a finger points signaling something clearly dramatic happening.
Battle at the top of the pyramid got hot and heavy as our friendly local game store, Six Feet Under Games, was about to close. Players fought to a stalemate and according to the rules in case of a stalemate the winner shall be......
David Hasslehoff. Because even Super Heroes know that you don't hassle the Hoff.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And Finally.....

So here are the buildings I made from the Child Guidance Toys. What makes them great for gaming is that the floors are stackable. So I painted them up and put cardboard floors on each level so that figures can be placed in each level. I ended up with way more buildings than I imagined so I'll probably be trading some or putting some up on eBay. Keep an eye out.

Monday, July 13, 2009

15mm Post Apocalyptic Vehicles for Sale! Get your red hot Post Apocalyptic vehicles here!

UPDATE: So while he was wrong about the whole Michael Jackson thing. Doc Merkury was spot on with his thoughts on this. I've ended these auctions in under 24 hours due to someone requesting to purchase all three vehicles and making me an offer. I will definitely be posting more auctions for these.....once I finish making them. .....
My friend Doc Merkury seemed to think there may be a market for some of these vehicles that I made so here are a few auction links to some vehicles I made to sell. If people buy them, I'll keep making them. Thanks for looking!

Monday, June 29, 2009

What can I say, I'm easily amused.

This is awesome. Somebody put this link up on The Miniatures Page(TMP):
It allows you to create your own newspaper headline and story and makes it look like a real paper for you. Now all I have to do is print about a hundred of these out real tiny like so I can use them to decorate my 15mm zombie stuff.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We got a great big convoy!

Here are my 15mm Rebel Minis humans, finally finished and pictured next to the zombie hunting vehicles to show scale....hmm, maybe I'll actually get to play with these soon. (NOTE: The blurry human in the background of the top picture is the mysterious Doctor Merkury, though he'd never admit it. Also he brought me a copy of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in honor of the fallen idol, though he will never admit that either)