Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Modern 15mm Gaming Mat

So I know that this isn't that big a deal or anything, but it's something I've wanted to make for a long while now and finally just got enough of a fire lit under my ass to do it. What you're looking at is a city steet gaming mat for 15mm. I wanted something with city blocks, sidewalks. and street lines basically painted on it so that the mat would have a little more detail than just throwing down a black mat like i do in 28mm. I figure once I make some ruined modern buildings it will look good as a post apocalyptic city or Zombie infested city.
Why has god forsaken us!!!!!!

The escape point

Dr. Merkury has been here, he's diabolical!!!


  1. Very, very nice, though I found the overturned Hershey's truck disturbing. We still have to do the sewers for this otherwise CHUDs will be left out of your fantasies

  2. That whole set up looks really cool. Just out of interest, where did you get your gaming mat from?

  3. Amazing. The whole table is inspired. Good job!

  4. It's a piece of scrap that I grabbed from our local fabric store for about $5. It's got kind of a vinyl consistency, what's cool is that the other side is like a gunmetal gray/silver color that I'm sure I'll be able to work with for something futuristic. The sidewalks grids I blocked off with painters tape and painted a few layers of white glue mixed with paint on for the sidewalks. The first layer had some fine sand mixed in for texture. The street lines were all made with colored pencils. It was probably 2-3 hours work total.

  5. I like it alot. I have similar aspirations myself. Great work.