Saturday, May 31, 2014

And the rest...

And here's the final bit of figures from the last painting frenzy. A lot of this stuff was stuff that's been on my painting table for awhile. Here's how my painting table works: I get excited about figures or procure some figs for cheap, I get them prepped and primed and they make it to the table. In the meantime something makes me lose interest and I don't finish painting them or I never even get started. Then I get excited about something else and paint and prime and actually paint while continually pushing all the older stuff further and further off to the side. Well below are a bunch of things that had been sitting partially finished that I cleared out of the queue. 
 At some point I bought a bunch of pulp stuff off of Doctor Merkury, dudes in trench coats, dudes holding jade birds, dudes selling newspapers, you know the sort of thing. I don't really remember when I bought them from Doctor Merkury, I don't really know why, but I do know that he probably undercharged me. He's got a generous heart and a diabolical mind. 

 I re-based and dipped some Clix stuff for re-purposing. 
 Here's an old vampire I touched up and dipped. 

 Oh, and now I can finally do this. 

Here are some Lovecraftian objective markers. Some Mi-Go Brain Cylinders, Evil Books, a campfire for some reason. 

So next up are more Zombicide zombies. Nothing interesting really but hoping to knock them out assembly line style. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Various Zombies and Survivors, Still Painting like a Mofo

 These are some cobbled together Survivors from Wargames Factory Survivor pack. Cool sprues of stuff that let you throw together some different guys. I tried making some of the Iconic character pieces. My "Carl" came out with a freakishly huge head which looks way worse in the picture. I had to use an adult head to get the sheriff hat. Meh

 This one is my buddy Elmer. All he takes into the apocalypse is a wooden paddle and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

 Bub the Zombie from Studio Miniatures and a bunch of Cold War Zombies. 

 Stop me if you heard this one....

 Some hazmat dudes from Copplestone that I stripped and repainted for some reason. I don't really think I achieved anything here. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Zombicide....sorry

I've been on a tear painting lately. I finished up another batch of Zombicide figures. All of the characters and their Zombivor versions are now complete. I got some more of the Zombies done too. 
My wife and I are adopting a baby and we found out that we were chosen by a birthmom. I am ecstatic, but the due date has sort of become this mental deadline in my head for getting stuff painted, like I may never get to it again :o) My wife assures me this is not the case, but I can't help but try to clear off my painting table. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

1st Round of Zombicide Miniatures

If you're a gamer you've probably heard of Zombicide. It's a big board game of exploration and survival where you get to lay waste to hordes of zombies. I didn't want to pull the trigger on this one for a long time, but the reviews were usually very consistently positive and each box is chock full of awesome zombie and survivor minis. On International TableTop Game Day Amazon had two of the big box sets on sale for $20-30 off the discounted price they already offer. This caused me to go temporarily insane and buy nearly everything there was for zombicide. For the miniatures alone it was worth the purchase. They are some of the nicest minis I've seen and not just for plastics. I'm working on painting them up now and finished up the first 30 or so. I used a thinned down version of the dip where you use a 10-1 ratio of Polyshades Tudor to Mineral spirits. I really like the results. You can tear through a lot more minis a lot faster because you don't get big heavy pools of the dip gathering in areas that you have to clean before it starts to set. I also like that it leaves less of a "everything looks dirtier" effect on the minis. 
 Zombicide has Survivors and then "Zombivor" versions of all the characters. The characters are very cool movie style based guys. Above we have the Michael Douglas from "Falling Down" guy. 

 I've always wanted to try adding blowing newspaper pages to the bases of my zombie figures. This is how my first try turned out. Not bad. Just some real newsprint and white glue. 

 Hot Venture Brothers assassin chick. 
 Above are the zombie type Zombicide affectionately calls "Fatties" a big giant fat guy I am only mildly offended by this. 
 These are the runner zombies. I like that they are all dressed in jogging clothes.

 Some of the basic shamblers. 

I'm just scratching the surface on this project since I bought the dogs and dog companions, in total there are probably another 150-200 Zombicide figs left to be painted. I'll continue to do them in smaller batches so I don't get bored with them. With Season 3 of Zombicide on the horizon, I'll be painting zombies until I'm old and gray I think.