Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Supers are sent to the surface an meteor fast approaching Earth, to see what they can do. When they arrive on the meteor's surface they find that a team of villians has also landed and that the meteor is not all it seems as it contains remnants of intelligent life as well as the prescence of the OMNI-BOX! Killshot teleports and immediately swipes the Omni-Box, yoink.

A shot of the meteor's surface.

The heroes trying to activate the Omni-Box, despite not understanding it's power.

Gunplay ensues

BRIX lays out Barnabas the Vampire but Brainjob immediately uses his super-mind powers to attack. The first attack is rolled and BRIX manages to outwit Brainjob. "Really Brainjob? You couldn't outwit a 7 foot tall pile of rock?" the Red Devil says. "I'll show you the might of my squishy pink matter!!!" screams Brainjob as he takes a second mental attack and puts BRIX down for the count with an explosive brainjob. "You just got brainjobbed!" says Brainjob. "Don't say that too loud", replies Red Devil

BRIX's final stand

The ground begins to rock around the feet of the supers as the omni-box springs to life and chunks of the meteor burst up under their feet as the supers find themselves on floating shifting chunks of space rock!
Doctor Mekury's face is kind of doing an Event Horizon thing. I must not have had a setting right, all the pictures came out goobly...that's a photography term meaning 'full of goobness'.

Killshot took out Brainjob and then goes to battle with Mum-RA the ever living!

A bunch of Supers gather on one rock to do battle. Ain't no party like a Supers party, 'cause a Supers party don't stop!

Vampire......In space!!!

The good guys sitting pretty on the big rock

Den starts fiddling with the Omni-BOX and accidentally turns himself into the OMNI-CREATURE!!!.......which was ultimately uneventful.

The game was pretty fun. The Rocks would move every few activations and could collide into each other, which did happen once. There were some good suggestions for streamlining things next time so that it's easier to travel across the moving space rocks. Ultimately the villians ended up kind of trapped on one side of the board and we decided to call it a night. Good times.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

When a wife builds your battlefield....

So here I was trying to build up the fences for a 15mm post apocalyptic junkyard for hockey mask wearing wastelanders to have shootouts in and I walk away for 10 minutes and my wife turns it into a Bambi sanctuary.