Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Zombie Stuff....Sorry Keith.

Here's another group of Zombie Hunters/SWAT guys that I got painted. Some of them had to end with a shiny gloss finish. I had some clouding issues with humidity trying to dull coat them. It's a mix of miniatures, some Recreational Conflict, Foundry and Reaper for good measure. They're standing in front of the new fence barriers I built this week. 

 Above are a custom made Michael Myers I did with the Wargames Factory Survivor kit along with a Heroclix re-touch. 

 These guys are the zombies that Eureka Minis makes. I was trying to paint them up to resemble the Tarman Zombie from Return of the Living dead. They are okay, but not quite the look I wanted. It's a lot of really juicy textures and layers going on and I just don't have the chops for it. But they're zombies so they're fine.