Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And Finally.....

So here are the buildings I made from the Child Guidance Toys. What makes them great for gaming is that the floors are stackable. So I painted them up and put cardboard floors on each level so that figures can be placed in each level. I ended up with way more buildings than I imagined so I'll probably be trading some or putting some up on eBay. Keep an eye out.

Monday, July 13, 2009

15mm Post Apocalyptic Vehicles for Sale! Get your red hot Post Apocalyptic vehicles here!

UPDATE: So while he was wrong about the whole Michael Jackson thing. Doc Merkury was spot on with his thoughts on this. I've ended these auctions in under 24 hours due to someone requesting to purchase all three vehicles and making me an offer. I will definitely be posting more auctions for these.....once I finish making them. .....
My friend Doc Merkury seemed to think there may be a market for some of these vehicles that I made so here are a few auction links to some vehicles I made to sell. If people buy them, I'll keep making them. Thanks for looking!