Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And Finally.....

So here are the buildings I made from the Child Guidance Toys. What makes them great for gaming is that the floors are stackable. So I painted them up and put cardboard floors on each level so that figures can be placed in each level. I ended up with way more buildings than I imagined so I'll probably be trading some or putting some up on eBay. Keep an eye out.


  1. excellent job! love the finish - very "realistic" even though that's a dirty word in 'knowing' wargames circles.



  2. Very good. I must say i've had my eye on some of these child guidance buildings since you informed us on your blog. You are definatly helping to make my mind up.


  3. What are these buildings from? They are child toys from what I have gathered from your description, but what is the name or brand of these items? I would love to get my hands on some of these!!!

  4. Mongo,

    Having just obtained a few large batches of these buildings for my zombie games I would love to hear/see a more detailed explaination of how you painted them up. Any direction you could offer would be great. Your setup is fantastic!


  5. Hey guys,
    I stumbled on your questions here a couple weeks late. Sorry the post is a little older. They are a brand of toys called "Child Guidance Toys". They were building sets from the 1960's. There are always usually a couple on ebay if you search "CHILD GUIDANCE TOYS". As far as painting. I tried out a bunch of methods. The easiest for me was to spray a whole building gray then I would do a quick burst of white on each window. Painting each window by hand was tedious. I then would do quick burst of black or white on other parts of the building making uneven little splotches making sure not to hit the windows. When you paint you're solid color over that red or brown or what have you, it gives texture to that color. The best method I found for doing mortar spots here and there was to rub real hard with a white crayon in the brick lines. Then take a dry rag and rub real hard and fast over the areas you hit with the crayon and it buffs the wax off the surface and the friction seems to melt it into the lines.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Love them, wish I had some for myself.