Saturday, December 11, 2010

Early Christmas Presents from the LAB!!!!!

Doctor Merkury played Santa a little early this year and gifted me these awesome sinister miniatures available from WHAT THE?! Miniatures. I was told to give a big shout out to the company because "They were nice to him", he didn't elaborate on what that usually means something dirty, so I didn't ask any questions. At any rate they can be found at:
They make an assortment of very fine Weird War II miniatures, I particulary like the Lilith and the Twins miniature and may be ordering her to lead my She-Wolves down the road.
Doc Merkury painted these great miniatures up fo me and they are awesome additions to my slowly growing Weird War II stuff. I'm looking forward to statting these guys up and fielding them. First up we have this fiery gentleman. 13 loyal German soldiers were sent through an experimental dimensional portal created by Nazi scientists...only one returned and he no longer spoke in words, but in flames.

I bring you fire!!!

Next up is this very sinister Red Skull.

Complete with a trophy of his victory over a certain super soldier.

Take that America!
Thanks again Doc, these are awesome.
I got you pink velociraptors, coming soon!


  1. Nice figures and fire, very nice.

  2. Pink is a very hard color to paint, take your time.

    Happy BankMas!


  3. Good! I don't think I could stand hunting unpainted Dinosaurs again!

  4. It's good to see some of my old line on the table. Brings back some great memories. Oh, and they wasn't anything "naughty" between me and the Doc. ;)

    Keep it WEIRD,