Thursday, December 30, 2010

How awesome is my wife?!?!?!

My wife made me a personalized boardgame for Christmas! I knew she had been working on a special surprise for me the last several months but I had no clue what it would be when I was tearing it open on Christmas morning. She put together this multi tile boardgame for us with a bunch of the places we frequent, you'll notice a lot of restaurants (what can I say, we like to eat). There are other locations like church and family members' homes and such. She even incorporated vacations we take together. Each person has to complete a series of "tasks" or errands to win the game. The tasks are all personalized too and provide a lot of laughter. Lisa also told me that she has ideas for expansions....though she refuses to do a zombie themed expansion :O(
Not only did she do a great job designing the appearance of the game but knowing I am a gamer she really put a ton of effort into making rules that were fun and I have to say that I am very impressed. The game uses several different gaming elements and keeps the player interaction going so you always feel 'in the game'. It is light and it is actually a ton of fun (not just something I'd play because I feel obligated ;oP). This really is such a special gift and I am very lucky to share my life with such a wonderful, talented woman.


  1. That is one fantastic gift!!

  2. That is pretty impressive and it's quite refreshing to think someone will go to the trouble of creating something as a gift, rather than just go shopping for something.