Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Elmer Time! Part II: Elmer's Revenge!

Part two of geekend with elmer had us playing King of Tokyo, it's a very light Kaiju themed game. You roll shiny black dice with some different symbols and you do this or that depending on what symbols or numbers come up on the dice. This was pretty fun, very light would be good with some kids and multiple players rumbling.

 The last thing we got to was a card game called "Sentinels of the Multiverse". This is a fun golden age of comics themed deck game where players take on the role of a hero with a pre-made unique deck and they team up with other players to fight the system run villian deck.

 This was out villian "Citizen Dawn". Her super power must be "Wiping the floors with all who oppose her" because we never stood a chance.
 I played the Egyptian hero "RA", he was Sun themed in his powers and mystical objects. Plus he had a smokin' tan.

 Citizen Dawn, don't try any funny pickup lines on her.
 These were environment cards, so along with playing out the villian deck each each turn there is some kind of punishing environment effect, like "Neuter Storm" or some other such nonsense.
 This is Elmer, he's a real boy.
 This is my character RA after having taken so much punishment that he could no long carry on the fight.
This is the almost worthless box they give you, "here rubber band this crap yourself and throw it in our terribly shaped box that's not in the least bit condusive to card storage".

I had some fun with Sentinels of the Multiverse. The theme is pretty cool and the mechanics on how the villain and environment effects is pretty good in theory. In practice we had our asses handed to us and I could see the hopelessness of it fairly early in the game too so that was discouraging. Some things I've read about the game talked about the balance issues where it either swings really far to one direction or the other. The game just felt really punishing at every turn. We were always getting screwed by minions or environments or whatever and there wasn't all that much to the strategy that I can really say we were doing something wrong. I'd play it again, but it feels like the thing needs some tweaking.

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