Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Whole Pile of Pulp!!!

So, no joke, these figs have been sitting on my work table for about 10 months now while I kind of stopped everything to write "No More Room in Hell". Now that the books all done and published I finally managed to get back to painting and I've really enjoyed it. Most of these figures are Pulp Figures tramp steamer guys. One of my next projects is to build a couple boats for these guys and maybe some kind of special nefarious seafaring vessel for my Pulp Figures Cultists so that they can all square off. Plus now with these guys done I'll have someone to face off against my Creature From the Black Lagoon. Do these ascots make us look FAAABULOUS!?!?!

Doc Merkury says the purples and reds are hard to shade, but I couldn't achieve Navy Blue to save my life on these two. Oh well. TOYS!!!!

This is Mitch "Monkey Man" McQuad and the unsinkable "Mooseknuckle" Molly

"Candy-Cane" Casey Callahan and The brilliant Dr. Price. I finally have my own midget with straight razor, yay.


  1. Great stuff! Navy can be tough too, try starting with a base of black or very dark blue and only highlight up to a medium blue.

    Wait till we build your Cultist sub!


  2. Great looking stuff man. I'm looking forward to No room in Hell, just ordered it from the Iron Ivan games site today!

  3. Excellent paint!

    Keep it WEIRD!