Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some want you for your body, Some want you for your brain...

I've had these Fenris Deep Ones sitting on my painting bench for about 3 years now. They are the coolest interpretations of Lovecraft's deep ones to me and I like that there is a variety. You get all kinds of fishy froggy goodness in every figure. I think they sat so long because I was afraid I couldn't do the figures justice. I'm really happy with the results though. So continues my 2014 dip-a-thon. I did a lot more shading and detailing on these guys before dipping them though. I think what added a nice touch was dry brushing with a thin layer of this craft paint that was a metallic pearl white. It gave that little metallic shine to some areas that you see on fish. 
 They wanna sex you up

 I love the Angler fish. It's a solid little hunk of metal. 
 When I bought these figs they came with Fenris' deep sea bases which have awesome little details like driftwood and sunken pillars and stuff on them. 

 She's ready for some fish lovin'

 These are the Mi-Go from the RAFM line. Been sitting on these for a while. 
 They've figured out how to use their membranous space wings in our atmosphere. 

 "Baby, you know I love you for your mind."
 "Hey you Mi-Go, get off my front porch!" ~ Creepy Son of Zoidberg

And soon to come to my painting table, secret Government Deep One Hunters. 


  1. Bad ass minis there!! Wow I hadn't seen really any of those minis before and now I want them!! Awesome stuff thanks for the post sir!