Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rumble To RUMBLE!!!

 After coming in from the cold today I was able to make a hearty meal for my wife and I and then I got in another playtest round of the tabletop professional wrestling rules that I'm working on. I've played 4 matches. I'm using the little figures I customized of my buddy Elmer and I. Elmer won the first match by pinfall and the second match by submission. In the third match I made him submit in the figure 4 leglock. During most of the matches the fighting has stayed in the ring, but during this match Elmer Irish Whipped me and his Irish Whip Maneuver roll was a natural '10' resulting in him throwing me out of the ring through the ropes. Once we were both outside the ring, I decided to document things as they were becoming vastly amusing to me. I got to see how the "foreign objects" rules would work. 
 I pick up a TV monitor off the commentator's table and make a successful attack. 
 In the game you use the STUN points that you cause your opponents by making attacks to maneuver yourself or your opponent for your next attack. 
 Here I used the STUN points I scored on Elmer from the TV attack to position him on the announcer's table and climb up to the ring apron to perform an arial attack. If I would have had a few more STUN pts. to spend I could have gone all the way to the top rope which could cause even more damage to Elmer. 
 Unfortunately Mongo's AGILITY is on the low side and the attack roll I make is not enough to beat Elmer's opposing roll. I miss the arial move which cause STUN to me, and because I was attempting to put Elmer through the table when he countered me, he jumped off and I went through the table taking additional stun for the table damage. Elmer uses the massive STUN I sustain to attempt his finishing maneuver "The Dirty Counselor", but I manage to stop the move, but he gets back CONTROL
 At this point Elmer successfully Irish Whips me into the steel stairs causing me hefty STUN. 
 He uses that STUN to pick up a chunk of the table I went through and attacks me with it. 
 I roll a higher number of successes on our opposing rolls for his attack so I get to roll on the DEFENSE table. I roll high and the result is a REVERSAL which allows me to not only counter the attack but yank the weapon out of his hands and smack him with it. 
 I use this STUN to pick up the Large Object steel stairs and try to attack...
 ...but Elmer wins the opposing roll. However his DEFENSE roll is a lower result of a BLOCK meaning that he simply stops the attack and we roll for CONTROL.

  I manage to get back CONTROL and using previously accrued STUN I go for the steel stairs again.
 This time I'm successful
 I use the huge STUN I have on him to attempt my finisher "The Porkfat Express" 
 I'm successful 
 Completing your finisher on your opponent causes them to be -1 WILL for the rest of the match including the immediate PIN attempt. AND that PIN attempt after a finishing maneuver gets an automatic 1 COUNT
 Elmer fails to break the PIN and I become...
...Naked Lady Mudflap champion. 

The basic game is coming along nicely. Each match allows me to work out a few wrinkles and the back and forth I'm getting in the matches is really encouraging that it's gonna be a fun time and feel like wrestling. There will be a lot of Pro Wrestling story stuff going on in the game in the form of Match Interference Tables and and Backstage Event Tables and more. Having a lot of fun here. 


  1. You'd never see better on Saturday morning TV! Good job!


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