Thursday, April 9, 2009

Super Heroes.....Alan More....Commercial viability.....yada yada....POFF! Part 2

This 4 Armed fella is the Glockroach

I call this guy Sam Hayn, and his Pumpkin Headed Hellwalkers

This is BRIX and Hunter a couple of my good guys.

This is "Uber-Hitler"(pardon the missing umlaut). I wanted to have him be a good guy named "Repentant Hitler", but the guys in my club just shook their heads at me in disapointment.

This is a West Wind vampire figure that I call Barnabas after the character from Dark Shadows...a show that I've never actually seen.


  1. Ten points for the Thundarr poster alone!

  2. Good to see some love for Super System. I have it, have played it a few times at conventions but never around home.


  3. Repentant Hitler sounds like the name of an alternative rock band.