Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone and other such nonsense.

So I went to a train show a few weeks ago and made a dark and terrible discovery.....wait, is that right? No I think I meant totally radical discovery. I introduce you to Child Guidance Toys building kits from the 1960's

This beautiful little toy from the era of Mama Cass allows you to build all kinds of different structure and works very nicely with my 15mm Rebel Minis. Every piece has a perfect brick pattern and the pieces allow you to build individual floors of the buildings so your zombie hunters can go exploring for ammo and canned goods and Linnea Quigly and what not. If you don't like the toy roofs that come with you can paint them or build your own roofs. You also will have to cut up some cardboard so that each story has its own floor, but that shouldn't take long.

I snagged a big bag of this stuff at the train show and a couple other sets off of ebay and should be in good shape to build a whole zombie city with these as well as a whole zombie suburb. If you go on ebay I suggest searching "child guidance toys", "guidance town", and "constructive thinking". Notice that I bought what I wanted at wonderful discount prices before letting this secret out. Sorry, I'm kind of a bastard that way. Seriously though there are a couple of these kits up on ebay right now or check out yard sales and flea markets and maybe you'll luck out. I will post pics of finished painted buildings once I've finished painting my 330 15mm Rebel minis that are on the workbench at the moment........

So some other things of note that took place at the train show was that my buddy Jerry and I kept seeing this middle aged African-American dude walking around all day. This wouldn't be that interesting except that he was wearing a hat that simply read "Rob Base". Jerry and I figure that after the hit song "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right" slipped off the charts that Rob Base retired to Maryland where he embraced obscurity and the model railroading hobby......

We also found out that they sell hooker and stripper figures for "o" gauge trains. The hooker pack was labeled "Steet Hookers".....that's right "Steet"


  1. OMIGOD! I...REMEMBER...these...

    My grandparents had a set that I used to play with as a kid. They are long gone.

    Now I shall settle into a depressed contemplative funk.


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