Friday, December 27, 2013

O' Little Town of DEATHlehem!!!


For our upcoming New Year's Eve game night we are doing a special Holiday edition of Iron Ivan's exciting new PDF Horror themed game:

We're going to play in a Victorian style Christmas village complete with carol singer figures for victims. Everything is going to be a little out of scale and when people enter building we'll switch over to cardboard floor plans. I've created some special "slashers" for folks to choose from.  
 The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Future (re-purposed Horrorclix and Mage Knight Figs)

 Slasher Santa

 Krampus 1 - Blue Flavored

 Krampus 2

 O' Vengeance Baum

 Randy, the Reindeer Rendering Werewolf

Doctor Merkury is running the game for us and has promised some surprises. I'm looking forward to this one. Happy New Year!

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