Thursday, July 25, 2013

Now I'm gonna show you what I already know.

This is the result of some sculpting putty and chopping up A LOT of Horrorclix and various other bits from the bits box. I eventually want to do rules for "The Thing" where a team of specialists will travel to Antarctica to investigate the disappearance of the weather station. I may change it to oil drilling camp. We'll see. 
 Here are the small creatures, cannon fodder. 

 Humans transforming

 This one is probably my favorite of the bunch. I don't even know what angle to shoot him from. 

 I had the "awesome" idea to have a Thing infected polar bear, because I had this random bear miniature with a saddle sculpted to it. I had no idea what I'd ever use that for....About halfway through sculpting I remembered that polar bears lived in the NORTH pole and that I am moron. Plus, the dang thing just looks ridiculous. 

Some dog minis I just painted up as huskies.  

  Mutating Huskies


  1. I'd love to game the thing and doing something similar is on my to-do list for a while now.

    I really like yours!

  2. Wow. Really great work! Love the movie, and the PS2 game that was the official sequel. I'd love to be in this game!

  3. These are truly horrifying! Love to do a Thing game myself so will be watching this :)

  4. Those things are scary looking, did a real nice job.

  5. Great work :) Did you ever figure out a skirmish ruleset to use for playing "The Thing"?