Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Long long ago in a Wafflehouse far far away......

We had a playtest of "Where Copyright InfringementsAdd Image Dare!!!", Doctor Merkury's rules for Star Wars like skirmish battles. Doc asked me to set up a table with lots of platforms and walkways that characters could be thrown off of. I spent two hours Thursday night setting up this Bespin inspired table using some old necromunda stuff, some Kenner toys, and scraps of plexiglass. For the record Doc spent most of the game complaining about how there was no cover on the table. There's just no pleasing some people.
We had a light side team and a dark side team with 3 players each. Each player got to wield one force user along with some troops and various supporters. Our objective was to search droids on the board until we found a Jedi Holocron and then get the Holocron to the pickup point on top of the gas storage chambers. Anakin makes the first move scoping out the situation.
The droids move in, "Roger roger"
"Hey Guys! Look at these bitchin' AT-RTs we brought, they should be a ton of help!"

"OH FOR THE LOVE OF YODA!!! The AGONY!!! My flesh is burning!!! The AT-RTs were no help at all! Who would design a vehicle that looks like a chicken!?!? WHO!?!?!?"

Obi-Wan inspects the first droid and finds an explosion in the distance.

An R2 unit guarding the secret entrance to a trash compactor. An invisible trash compactor.

Commander Matt sends his team off to negotiate peace with the clouds.

Anakin starts getting itchy to run down the "Walkway of Doom"

"Where's that fool going?"


"Anakin, be mindful of your surroundings. Reach out with the force, what do you sense? Don't rush into danger. Anger is the path to the darkside. Your rage will be your......you're not even listening to me are you?" ~Obi-Wan

Anakin rushes over to the Trade Federation forces screaming, "I'm the chosen one, bitches!"

An epic lightsaber duel ensues between Anakin and Massage Temptress, "Jedi boy, Jedi boy. You give me ten dolla I give you 'Force Release"

Anakin, considering the possibilities of "Force Release", is struck down, but he did manage to take a bite out of Asaaj.

Ventress regroups with Count Dookie

Grievous shows up out of nowhere with a squad of droids. I seriously had forgotten he was over there. This was unpleasant.

Luckily, clones and Wookies were in position and able to knock out a few of the droids.

Clones fire on Jango Fett as Obi-Wan sneaks by with the Holocron in tow.

Master Samuel L. Windu engages Count Dookie, and wipes him out. "I am motherf*&king sick of this motherf*&king Dookie on this motherf*&king platform"

I never realizd how many Chewbaccas I had

Obi-Wan force jumps up to the top of the Gas storage Tanks, the end is near.

Obi-Wan's clones join him and one more force jump later the game is over.
Good times. This is the first time I've been really excited about a game in awhile. It was cool. I am really looking forward to playing again. Thanks Doc Merkury.


  1. Great battle report and awesome treatment of the SW universe!

  2. Very cool. Especially the Zazzle shirt!