Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I finally finished some stuff in 2010!

Alright so I got tired of Doctor Merkury telling me I need to put posts up on my blog, so I finally got some stuff done. Not much, but here are the first of many pulp figures that my loving wife got me for Christmas. This first guy is the evil Nazi leader with his mysterious metal head. The swatstika (is that how you spell that?Meh) was a giant pain in the butt. After about 7 tries I was about to say to hell with it, draw a happy face on the armband and call him "Repentant Mysterious Metal Head Nazi". Doctor Merkury would love it.....
I have the "She Wolves" pack from Pulp Figures that I will paint up as a hench-woman group for this guy

Here is the Crimson Skull. The Original character's face was the inspiration for the Misfits band logo.

The Mighty Tor Johnson......I love it

And finally, the weed of crime bears bitter fruit! I can finally say that I own my own Shadow figure an I'm really jazzed about that. I think on deck are going to be my rocket troops to use in a test run of a Where Heroes Dare! game that is being run at Cold Wars.


  1. I have those very same figures and yours look years better. I made my mechanical nazi more of a mechanical guy in a grey trench but I love the look of yours

  2. These are outstanding. Nicely done Bryan.