Monday, February 15, 2010

Behold The Crimson Hand!

Here are my Pulp Figures Gas Mask Cultists. Man I am on a roll this year....well for me anyway ;o) These guys may or may not be coming to the aid of Kong Fang in the upcoming Where Heroes Dare playtest. Doctor Merkury says the game will need 47 players, I told him he's gonna need to apply for a permit from the Fire Marshall for all the people he wants to invite to my house....


  1. 48 players, FORTY-EIGHT! I have arranged shuttles to carry all the Pulpeteers to your Breakfast pastry domicile!

    The Crimson Flamers look very good, you have those reds down. I think you should paint everything red for now on.


  2. HA! You suck Dctory Merkury! Yes, everything will be red from now on. EVERYTHING!!!!

    Crimson Flamers....I hate you so much.......

  3. Who are these minis from? Nice looking dudes.