Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More Rasslin'

I made up some more custom wrestlers for the wrestling game I'm sporadically working on. I use the Jakks Micro Aggression figures and some two part sculpting epoxy to make these guys. 
 Alternate Elmer Costume, Geekend Mongo, and my Brother in Law Daniel (the current reigning Brothers Division's a really real thing) 
 White Chocolate Todd Bookman and Cobra Kai Doctor Merkury
 Some generic guys, Barbarian, Santos, Tigermask
 Cthulhu Guy and Old School Undertaker (he broke my heart at this last Wrestlemania, with heartbreaking) 


  1. Very cool, been toying with some gamign ideas with some 3.75 inch action figures and seeing this is giving me the nudge to take the plunge