Thursday, May 29, 2014

Various Zombies and Survivors, Still Painting like a Mofo

 These are some cobbled together Survivors from Wargames Factory Survivor pack. Cool sprues of stuff that let you throw together some different guys. I tried making some of the Iconic character pieces. My "Carl" came out with a freakishly huge head which looks way worse in the picture. I had to use an adult head to get the sheriff hat. Meh

 This one is my buddy Elmer. All he takes into the apocalypse is a wooden paddle and a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

 Bub the Zombie from Studio Miniatures and a bunch of Cold War Zombies. 

 Stop me if you heard this one....

 Some hazmat dudes from Copplestone that I stripped and repainted for some reason. I don't really think I achieved anything here. 


  1. You've got some awesome survivors there! Great job!

  2. Painting like an express train, my hat is off dude.

    By the way I need to speak to the manager about the lack of waffles...........

  3. I don't know about "mofo", but you are painting like a man possessed !
    They're a very diverse selection and are all great additions, though "Elmer" stands out for me with his wooden "paddle" (it's a cricket bat methinks).