Saturday, March 2, 2013

Death Race 2013!!!!

So I've been watching the new Death Race movies on Netflix lately and I really like them. They're not Shakespeare, but then I never really cared for Shakespeare. They are just really fun action movies and a lot of stuff blows up, so you know.....that's pretty sweet. Anywho, my renewed interest in cars that go boom made me dig out the Speed Rally rules that I bought a few years back. They look like a lot of fun so I raided my bits box and modded up a bunch of matchbox and hot wheels cars. You may recognize a lot of warhammer bits and decals and I have to say it's probably the most rewarding thing I've gotten out of Games Workshop in about 15 years ;o)
Meat Wagon and The Bone Jangler

Black Widow and Hellfire

The Jackal and The Giggler

Frankenstein (1970's) and Frankenstein (modern), neither of these are really accurate replicas of the Frankenstein cars, but more of a spiritual homage. 

Iron Jaw and Red Bolt 

Azure Phantom and The Jade Hydra

Uncle Slam

These are two older models from my 15mm zombie days that are gonna be brought back into service. We'll call them Doom Buggy and Zombie Stomper


  1. Awesome stuff!! Love the character cars, good use of bitz.



    This is my favorite for Hot Wheels. Looks like a Terminator Robot on four wheels.