Friday, March 22, 2013

2 Nights in Zpocalypse

My copy of Zpocalypse showed up the other week from the Kickstarter. I got through the rules and wanted to try a solo run. The rules are bit dense, but I thought they were laid out pretty well. I played through a couple of nights to get the sequence of things down. The first thing you do is "Scavenge" and on the first day I found a priest in a graveyard doing kung fu on zombies ala "Dead Alive". Beautiful. 
 The priest ended up being a hipster Asian dude that enhances your Melee Combat roles...STEREOTYPES!!! I fed him and he joined my squad. 

 My squad went to the kitchen of the diner to search for food and ended up getting ambushed by zombies. Zombies!??! Wait, there are zombies in this game!?!?!

 I was able to dispatch them pretty easily, thanks to Asian Hipster.   

We Take out the last couple double Zombies at this choke point
And that's how you clear out the first night.

This was my "Something's Happening" card. Basically more nukes went off and at the end of combat I had to clear the  board and go find another bunker. 
My new bunker is the hotel.....I already miss the diner. 
My squad got a little bigger during the Scavenge step of Day 2 
Managed to clear out day two without losing anyone. The difficulty ramps up on night 3 and 4. which I'll be giving a go soon. This is a cool game. I really like the survival and tower defense elements that are stacked on the traditional zombie smashing elements. I'm looking forward to firing this up with some friends, but the dry run on my own really helped me get down the sequences and mechanics a bit. Good stuff! 

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