Sunday, December 2, 2012

Friday Night Game Night! X-Wing going on two, count them TWO Tables!!!

On Friday night we had another one of our monthly game nights and we got to break out X-wing. We ended up having 8 people all together so we split up and played on two tables thinking that 8 players on one table might bog down the game. I had enough stuff to field two 100 point battles....with some ships left over. This tells me that I've spent far too much money on this game already.
 On table one (numbered as such, simply because it was the table I was on) we had a dogfight in an asteroid field between Wedge Antilles and a small faction of Red Squadron taking on Darth Vader and several TIE fighters. 

 Table two saw an atmospheric battle in which the Rebels, led by Luke Skywalker were tasked with destroying three atmospheric mining refineries. 

 We engaged pretty rapidly on the first table and were doing a nice job of picking off TIE Fighters. 

 Things went very badly for the Rebels on table two. They used their 100pts. to really power load 3 fighters and then went up the middle in a tight cluster. The Imperials took that opportunity to pincer in from each side  bringing a lot of firepower and lighting them up. 

 Luke ended up all by lonesome real fast. 

 After managing to destroy all the TIEs on the left side of the table all of our X-Wings started to cautiously make their way over to engage Lord Vader. 

Luke bought the moisture farm. 

On the Asteroid table we ended up bringing all four of our X-Wings into firing position on Darth Vader, but it was the Rookie Pilot that ended up taking him out which was a fun way to end things. 

Table two's Rebels really should have been given enough extra points to buy at least one more fighter, since they had to divide their fire between fighting and bombing, but all reports indicate that they also should have spread out and focused on the refineries rather than going up the middle and engaging the Imperial fighters. Hard lessons learned. 

A good time was had by all. We changed the history of the Star Wars Universe on both tables by killing both Luke and Vader, so I'd say that it was a productive evening. 


  1. Great table Bryan. What did you make the mining facilities with? Looks like something I could use to spice up my games.

  2. I mostly just raided my bits box Ben, CD's, laundry detergent caps, other assorted jazz. The gas capsules are actually 1" bubble gum machine capsules I ordered off ebay for $5. That's the only thing I actually bought for the project.

  3. Copy that. Thanks for the reply. I am going to use your design as inspiration to build a few of my own. They look really nice.