Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed

Tonight my brother and a couple of his friends came over and we broke in my Death Star Table. The table is not quite finished yet, I have some detailing to do and some warping issues with the cheap foam core I used that I'd like to work out. It was good enough to play on though so we gave it a shot. We just played a regular dogfight since I haven't worked out all the trench run and turret rules yet. 

 Dan and I played Empire 

 Dan deployed Darth Vader and his wingman on the opposite side of the trench and had to make his way over to the fray. 

 It took us about 3 turns before we were all in firing position. 

 ...and they wasted no time taking out my Backstabber TIE. Fire doesn't burn in space, but it does burn in my mancave. 

 Dan, gingerly traveling over to help. 

 The Rebels, played by Nicholas, the Strongest Boy Alive and his friend "Fish" if that is his real name. They went with one X-Wing and two Y-wings. I thought that was an interesting combo. They were were all decked out with astromechs and ion turrets. 
 Nick and Fish really did a pretty good job of utilizing the ion turrets often stayinrg out of our firing arc and whittling away at our TIEs with their 360 degree firing arc.

 Dan and I kept rolling criticals like nobody's business, bypassing the shields of the Y-Wings and crippling them a lot faster than they normally would be....(this is what we will call a 'house rule'....meaning that I misinterpreted the rules and made everyone just go with it, 'cause I it's my game)

 It was another good battle. It came down to Vader and one Y-Wing...

...of course we all knew how that was gonna go.

I'll say it again, I love this game. It really is a blast and there is a great back and forth that keeps things interesting the whole time. You never feel like one side is ever rolling over the other. Another fun game in the bag. 


  1. Another great post. I am glad to see this game getting attention in our area. Great looking table too.

  2. I think Doc Merkury is getting it for Christmas, and Todd has it too. It's a good time man.