Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is my BOOMSTICK!!!

I just finished up a batch of some Studio Miniatures zombie survivors. I did a few for some friends as late Christmas gifts, but I kept this one for myself. This the "Cole" miniature who bears a striking resemblance to the a certain big chinned Candarian demon killer. These miniatures were a blast to paint, probably the nicest I've ever painted. I have started picking up more 28mm stuff lately, especially a bunch of Reaper's new zombie survivors from the Chronoscope line. I'm having trouble focusing on 15mm right now.

I always wanted to try doing a fall foliage basing and found a great website that suggested using oregano. Loving to cook, but not being overly adventurous with spices I found our oregano still had the original seal on it. So here we go. I really like the effect.