Friday, January 24, 2014

And the production continues....

So, another round down. And this completes my Flying Frog Figures. Again, I'm really happy with the amount of figures I'm churning out using the dip again. Some of the figures come out a little darker than I like but for the high amount of detail it brings out with minimum work, I can't complain. 

 Last Night on Earth Survivors

 Two Jake the Drifter and Two Sheriffs 
 Invasion From Outer Space Remaining Survivors and Alpha Beast Martian
 The ladies of Touch of Evil. 

 The only Black dude in Touch of Evil. It made me think that it's weird that they haven't made a Native American character for the game. 
 The dreaded brain stealing Mi-Go from Mansions of Madness and the remaining investigators below. 
The cool thing about this project is that it gave me a lot of cool archetypes to add to my collection, Magician, Ringmaster, circus folk, a whole mess of survivors and colonial character, etc. I think a lot of them will come in handy for things other than their intended board games. Good stuff. Up next the villains of Mansions of Madness. 


  1. Thats a whole lot of characters and a lot that can be used acorss many formats, great additions.