Friday, December 27, 2013

Lost Highway...

So for a few years now I wanted a cheaper wrecked car option in 28mm than buying cars and smashing them with a hammer. A long while back I found this link:
Seemed like a good idea but it also seemed messy and a like a lot of work. Recently I landed a box of old dental plaster and decided to give this a go. I'm extremely happy with the results. I basically ended up with a whole highways worth of wreckage for the price of a couple feet of aluminum foil. SHIPOW! I did a little more detailing on the windshield using a white colored pencil to make them look cracked. 


  1. I saw this recommended a while back and never got around to doing it, it looks fabulous and I;'m glad someone else did it. Methinks it'll inspire me, and hopefully others to give it a try, great work!