Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What I made my daddy for Christmas.....and didn't post until May.

Hey guys, it's been a long time since I rapped at you. Sorry about that. My desire to paint and do miniature wargaming sort of went into a hibernation for awhile. Life gets in the way you know. I've recently started painting again and I'll post that stuff here, but a lot of my gaming focus over the past year or so has shifted to board games. There's a lot to be said for everything you need being right there for you in the box and ready to go. So you'll see some posts on that coming up. This post concerns the Spartan diorama I made my dad for this past Christmas. About a year or so ago my dad started getting wind of the Wafflehouse and started telling me how much he liked the things I painted. So he told me that he wanted me to paint him some Spartans or Crusader Knights for Christmas. I've always wanted to paint up some Spartans, but don't foresee ever having a gaming use for them so I chose Spartans.

In working on this my dad told me he was a fan of the movie 300, which kind of surprised me. My buddy the good Doctor Merkury said I should try to paint in the stylized sepia pallette that's used in the movie. Frankly I didn't have balls or the skill to pull that off, I tried going for some high contrasts in terrain. I was pretty happy with these and my dad really seems to like the diorama and says it's found a home in his study next to his min Spartan helmet replica that he got when he was in Greece last year.  


  1. The rock work and basing looks really good. The bronze painting you did looks really clean too,no washes?


  2. Yeah there's a layer of wash, I'm just terrible at painting.